A band ability brings a character into battle to assist another character that is already in the battle.

How to PlayEdit

Banding an opponent's character into battle causes you to take control of that character until the character leaves battle. A band ability is instantaneous. A band abilities target the cards that are to be brought into battle.

Default ConditionsEdit

  • Targets must be in a territory or in holder's hand.

Special ConditionsEdit

  • A unique character can only enter the field of battle once per turn. A unique character in a battle is protected from entering another battle via a band ability while it remains in battle. A unique character in a battle that leaves the battle is protected from entering any battle via a band ability until the end of the turn.
  • When a banding ability adds multiple cards into battle, add them in any order and activate them one at a time in the order the cards were added. Exception: Abilities that add other characters to battle activate after all other abilities on cards banded into battle.


  • Any ability that adds a character to a side of the battle where at least one other character is present is a band ability. Exceptions: Copy and Convert abilities that allow a non-character card to become a character are not band abilities.Abilities that allow a second character to join the battle should be played as if they allowed an additional character to join the battle.
  • The phrases “band with” and “join the battle” all mean ”band to.”
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