As is described in Battle Resolution in the rulebook, there are four outcomes to a battle:

  • Evil Character wins
  • Hero wins
  • Mutual destruction
  • Stalemate

However, beyond the outcome of the battle you must also determine the outcomes of the battle challenge or rescue attempt. Here is the order to follow:

  1. Determine the outcome of the battle (Evil Character wins, Heroes wins, mutual destruction, or stalemate).
  2. Determine success or failure of the rescue attempt or battle challenge. If the battle was a battle challenge, then success or failure of a battle challenge has only one condition, the battle outcome in step 1. If Hero wins and has (or has gained) access to a Lost Soul, it’s a successful rescue. If Hero loses battle or loses access to opponent’s Lost Souls, then the rescue fails.
  3. Resolve end-of-battle special ability based on the conditions established in Steps 1 and 2. All unaffected cards are treated under normal gameplay rules (such as discard, return to territory, Land of Redemption, etc).
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