A cannot be negated ability is the union of a cannot be prevented ability and a cannot be interrupted ability, which makes the ability unpreventable and uninterruptable.

How to PlayEdit

Any cannot be negated ability inherently cannot be negated, which means it can never be targeted by any interrupt , prevent , or negate ability. An ability targeted by a cannot be negated ability cannot be targeted by any interrupt, prevent, or negate ability.

All cannot be negated abilities are ongoing. A cannot be negated ability targets the abilities that become unnegateable.

Default ConditionsEdit

  • Cannot be negated abilities last until the end of the phase in which they are used.


  • When a sentence in a special ability includes a cannot be negated ability and does not specify what abilities the cannot be negated ability targets, it targets all abilities on the card that appear before the sentence containing the cannot be negated ability.
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