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A capture ability transforms a character into a “captured character” and moves it to a different location where it is held captive. When a captured human character is in a Land of Bondage it is a Lost Soul as well as a captured character.

How to Play[]

Only Heroes and Evil Characters can be captured. When a character is captured, all cards held by or placed on that character are discarded. It ceases to be a character and becomes a captured character instead (that is, Heroes become captured Heroes and Evil Characters become captured Evil Characters). Once the character becomes a captured character, it is moved to the location where it will be held captive. While held captive in a Land of Bondage, captured human characters are also Lost Souls. A capture ability is instantaneous. A capture ability targets the characters that are to be captured.

Default Conditions[]

  • Captured characters are held captive in the Land of Bondage of the player that used the capture ability.
  • Targets must be in play.
  • If a card places a character in a players Land of Bondage, that character is considered captured.
  • Captured non-human characters are not Lost Souls. Rather, they are captured characters, which still retain their alignment (good or evil). Therefore, a non-human cannot be rescued and scored as a redeemed soul.
  • Captured characters retain their identifier(s) but may only be targeted as captured characters.


  • The phrase “treat as a Lost Soul” printed on capture cards is a clarification reminding players of the game rule that applies to captured characters that are in a Land of Bondage; it is not a special ability.
  • The words “take prisoner” indicate a capture ability.