Healing enhancementsEdit

A healing enhancement has the word “heal” in its special ability. “Heal” special abilities save a character from being discarded and/or remove the effect of all poisons and diseases on a character. You may play a healing enhancement at any time and its special ability activates even if played outside of battle. You may play a healing enhancement on any of your characters of matching brigade in play (including a character that is being discarded). You may direct the effect of the healing enhancement at any character in play that is currently poisoned, diseased, or being discarded. Be sure you follow the wording on the special ability of the healing card. If you play a healing enhancement in battle according to initiative, you may heal a poisoned or diseased Hero in battle, territory, or a set-aside area and the healed Hero remains in its current location. If you play a healing enhancement at any other time, or you heal a character that is about to be discarded, then the healed character is immediately returned to its owner’s territory.

Healing special abilities on character cards must be activated in battle like all other character special abilities. They are activated the moment the character enters the Field of Battle and must be used at that time or forfeited.

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