A convert ability changes one or more characteristics of a card. This may include alignment, card type, or brigade.

How to PlayEdit

A converted card always retains its special abilit(ies). The converted card’s special abilit(ies) activate anytime cards of the new card type would activate. A convert ability is instantaneous. A convert ability targets the cards that are to be converted.

Default ConditionsEdit

  • Converted characters are converted to the brigade color of the card with the convert ability.
  • A convert ability only targets humans unless a specific non-human target is specified.
  • Targets must be in play.
  • Special abilities on Heroes (and good weapons)* that have been converted to Evil Characters and evil weapons* can never activate. Special abilities on Evil Characters (and evil weapons)* that have been converted to Heroes may activate, except for special abilities that specifically target Heroes.
  • Converted characters retain their identifier(s) unless the identifier is alignment specific (Ex: Angels are only Heroes, Demons and Magicians are only Evil Characters).

Special ConditionsEdit

  • If a warrior-class character bearing a weapon-class enhancement is converted, the weapon class enhancement is automatically converted with the character. It converts to the same brigade and remains on the character.
  • If a convert ability creates a Hero blocking in battle or an Evil Character attacking then that character must withdraw to its owner's territory as a response to the convert ability.
  • When a convert ability allows a player to choose the brigade of the card being converted, then that player must choose an existing brigade for that card type.


  • Multicolor is not a specific color and cannot be used as a resultant brigade.
  • The words “repent” and “fall” indicate a convert ability.
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