No player may control duplicates of a unique character or cause them to fight each other. This includes unique characters in play, in battle, in a side battle, face down, or in a set-aside area. Character cards with the same card title and the same art or with the same title and the same brigade are considered duplicates for deck building purposes. A player may have only control one of these at any time. The only exception to this rule is non-unique characters with different card art.

Some character cards have different card titles, but are the same character. A player may have only one of these in your territory, in battle, in a side battle, face down, or set-aside at a time:

All Artifact, Covenant, Curse, and Fortress cards are considered unique. A player may control only one of these at any time. However, unique Artifact, Covenant, and Curse cards can be duplicated face down in the Artifact pile.

The Tabernacle (Pi), Solomon’s Temple (Pa), Solomon’s Temple (RA3), Zerubbabel’s Temple (FF), and Herod’s Temple (Di) are considered the same unique Fortress. You may have no more than one in play (or set aside) at a time.

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