This page will provide you with a guide of what you can help with, what I (Lambo Diablo SVTT, the Admin) am working on, and what I have planned for this wiki. To help keep this Wiki consistent, I have set up some rules of what can be edited.

What you can help with

If you feel comfortable editing this wiki, here is a list of things you may edit freely:

  • Incorrect or missing information on card pages
  • Some card pages that I had to add are missing some information:
    • Full written reference
    • Categories
    • Card Rarity (or Tin Number if I forgot to add this)
  • Typos

There are also some more advanced edits that need to be made across a wide range of pages. If you wish to help with the following, please send me a message on the wiki or the Cactus forums:

  • Adding links within pages, such as the glossary of terms definitions or sets.
  • Linking card pages to the appropriate Book page.
  • Linking card pages to the appropriate Brigade page.
  • Linking card pages to the appropriate Card Type page.
  • Write definitions for the Expansion pages

Adding new pages

If you would like to add new pages, PLEASE ask me first. I will likely allow it, but I would like to keep unneeded pages off of this Wiki.

What I am working on by myself

The following list are edits that I would prefer to make myself.

  • "Other Versions" on card pages
  • "Effects" lists on card pages
  • "Identifiers" lists on card pages
  • Formatting the cards with Play-As
  • Deleting all unused images

Future Updates

The following are updates that I would like to add to the wiki at some point, but will not take priority over other updates.

  • List cards by Strength and Toughness
  • List cards by Special Ability
  • Random Card image on the front page.

Rules regarding updates

To help defend the integrity of this wiki, I will run a three strike system on pointless or malicious edits.

If you make an honest mistake with an edit, that is perfectly okay. If you are constantly adding nonsense to pages, deleting information, or posting inappropriate content, you will receive one of the following punishments.

  • First Strike - Warning
  • Second Strike - 3 Day Ban
  • Third Strike - Permanent Ban
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