A first strike ability allows a character to survive if a battle ends in the mutual destruction state.

How to PlayEdit

First strike applies to the rules of initiative during battle and in battle resolution at the end of battle. The following conditions are important for determining initiative and battle resolution:

  • one or more characters in battle have a first strike ability
  • the battle is in the mutual destruction state
  • the strength of a first strike character is greater than or equal to the toughness of all the character(s) on the other side of battle

If these conditions are met, then the battle is moved to the Hero winning or Evil Character winning state (whichever one is in favor of the character with first strike).

A first strike ability is ongoing. First strike abilities target the characters that gain first strike.

Default ConditionsEdit

  • First strike abilities last until the end of the phase in which they are used.

Special ConditionsEdit

  • If there are first strike abilities on both sides of battle, then the side that activated a first strike ability first gets the first opportunity to move the battle away from the mutual destruction state. If that side of battle is unable to move the battle away from the mutual destruction state, the other side of battle then gets a chance.


  • “Hero has,” “Hero gains,” “Character has,” and “Character gains” refer to the character targeted with the first strike ability.
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