A heal ability can be used to remove the effects of a discard ability or an ability paired to a poison (disease) ability from a character.

How to PlayEdit

A character healed from the effect(s) paired with a poison (disease) ability gains back any strength and toughness lost because of it. A character healed from the effect(s) paired with a poison (disease) ability remains in the location it is in. A character healed from a discard ability is moved to its owner's territory. If a character is discarded and healed later that turn, it regains any lost abilities or effects of being discarded (i.e., returning to face value in the discard pile).

All heal abilities are instantaneous. Heal abilities target the characters that are to be healed.

Playing Healing EnhancementsEdit

Healing enhancements can be played in battle (during the battle phase) or outside of battle. When played during the battle phase they must be played according to the rules that govern when other enhancements can be played. A player has the option to play a healing enhancement during the preparation phase and the discard phase. A healing enhancement played in this way must be played on a character of matching brigade in one of two ways: (1) on a character in the holder's territory or (2) on a character in the holder's discard pile (if the character was discarded in the same turn). Both result in that character being healed. Healing cards played on a character in a discard pile must target the same character.

Default ConditionsEdit

  • A character is healable if it is about to be discarded, was discarded earlier in the same turn, is poisoned, or is diseased. If no more specific requirement is specified targets must be healable.
  • Characters discarded from hands or decks cannot be targeted by heal cards.

Special ConditionsEdit

  • The ability to use healing cards outside of battle does not apply to characters with heal abilities. The heal ability on a character can only be activated in battle.


  • The phrase “being discarded” means “about to be discarded” or “recently discarded” (recently meaning previously in the same turn).
  • “Restore abilities” means “heal”.
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