A hold ability allows a card to be placed on the card with the hold ability.

How to PlayEdit

A hold ability allows a player to place qualifying cards on a card with the hold ability when it is not at its maximum capacity and allows a player to return cards already placed with the hold ability.

A hold ability is instantaneous. Hold abilities target the cards to be placed on or removed from the card bearing the hold ability.

Default ConditionsEdit

  • Characters returned from being held are returned to their owner's territory.
  • Artifacts returned from being held are returned to their owner's artifact pile.
  • Characters to be held can come from hand or territory.
  • Artifacts to be held can come from hand or artifact pile.
  • Enhancements to be held come from hand.
  • Hold abilities are manually triggered abilities that can only be triggered during their owner's preparation phase.

Special ConditionsEdit

  • If a hold ability holds an artifact, placing an artifact there triggers an activate an artifact ability for that artifact.


  • A phrase that says what a card “holds” is a hold special ability regardless where the phrase appears on the card.
  • If the special ability on a card explains how to place, exchange, or take cards then that ability takes precedence over any hold ability on that card and a hold ability on that card should be disregarded.
  • If a Fortress with a hold ability does not describe how cards are both added and removed then you may add or remove cards during your preparation phase.
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