An ignore ability is an ability that keeps its targets from targeting or being targeted by a specified set of cards. It also allows a character using an ignore ability to win a battle regardless of normal battle conditions.

How to PlayEdit

An ignore ability has four parts:

  1. it grants the ignoring card immunity to all cards being ignored
  2. it grants the ignored cards immunity to the ignoring card
  3. characters not in battle and ignored cannot enter battle (i.e., you cannot choose to bring them into battle and they cannot be targeted by an ability that would bring them into battle)
  4. characters already in battle and ignored are treated as though they were not in battle for purposes of determining battle outcome

An ignore ability is ongoing. Part (1) above targets the cards that gain the ignore status. Parts (2) and (4) above target the cards that are ignored. Part (3) above has no target.

Default ConditionsEdit

  • Ignore abilities last until the end of the phase in which they are used.
  • Ignore abilities only apply to cards of a different alignment.


  • The word “repel” and the phrases “has no effect,” “may not be blocked by,” and “cannot enter battle” mean the same as “ignore”.
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