An increase or decrease abilities changes the strength and/or toughness of characters or enhancements.

How to PlayEdit

Increase or decrease abilities can increase strength and toughness, decrease strength and toughness, or change the strength and toughness to a new specified amount.

Increase or decrease abilities can be dynamically conditional, statically conditional, or unconditional.

Dynamically conditional increase or decrease abilities are ongoing. Dynamic abilities are typically designated by a “*” or “x” on the card. All other Increase or decrease abilities are instantaneous. Increase or decrease abilities target the card(s) whose abilities are changed.

Default ConditionsEdit

  • Ongoing increase or decrease abilities last until the end of the current phase.
  • Gains from instantaneous increase or decrease abilities are permanent.
  • If the toughness of a character is decreased to a value of zero or less, that character is discarded immediately.
  • Targets must be in play.

Special ConditionsEdit

  • Increase abilities and name-on-name bonus are mutually exclusive. If an enhancement has an increase ability and qualifies for name-on-name bonus, then the player that plays the enhancement must choose either to gain the effect of the increase ability or to gain the effect of the name-on-name bonus.
  • If a card's abilities are increase or decrease by half this can result in decimal or fractional strength and toughness. Do not round such results; use the fractional or decimal numbers as calculated.
  • If an increase in strength or toughness is to a specific value and the increase results in a lower strength or toughness, then the increase is treated as optional despite not having the word "may" in the special ability. This may occur when the strength or toughness of the target card was already increased by another card.


  • Abilities worded "worth X/X if..." are considered increase or decrease abilities.
  • The phrase "if result is */0 or less, discard Hero [or Evil Character]" on increase or decrease abilities cards is a clarification reminding players of the game rule that discards such heroes, not a discard special ability.
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