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An interrupt ability temporarily undoes a previously completed ability or set of abilities and suspends them while activating other abilities on the interrupt card before the suspended abilities reactivate.

How to Play[]

Interrupting an ability only undoes the completion of that ability's activation. It does not undo the beginning of the ability's activation or the declaration of targets for the ability. The interrupted abilities go back to being pending abilities until they reactivate.

Interrupt abilities are always paired with one or more other abilities. Once the specified abilities are interrupted the paired abilities activate. The interrupt ability completes when all of the paired abilities (and abilities resulting from the paired abilities) have activated. At that point the temporarily suspended abilities are reactivated.

Reactivating Abilities[]

After an interrupt ability completes, the suspended abilities that were interrupted attempt to reactivate. They attempt to reactive in the same order they were originally activated. In order to reactivate the suspended abilities, the following conditions must be met:

  • the card on which the ability exists must still be in battle
  • if the ability is on an enhancement there must still be a character in battle on which it can activate
  • the ability was not prevented while it was interrupted
  • the targets of the ability are still legal targets

If all conditions for reactivation are met and the ability targets all of something, the targets for the ability are updated. Any new possible targets that are available when the ability is ready to reactivate are added as targets. The ability then reactivates. An interrupt ability is instantaneous. Interrupt abilities target the abilities that they interrupt. An interrupt ability is an interrupt effect.

Special Conditions[]

  • The phrase “interrupt the battle” includes interrupting the following:
    • all active ongoing abilities
    • abilities that are defeating one of the characters you control in battle
    • the last card played in current battle if it was played by your opponent.
  • Interrupt the battle only includes such abilities if they were activated on cards in the current battle.