A place ability allows you to put a card in a specified location. A place ability often allows you to put a card in a location where it typically cannot be placed or provides a particular benefit as a result of the placement.

How to PlayEdit

A place ability does not activate the ability on the placed card. Placed cards can still be affected as usual by game rules and special abilities as long as their condition(s) are still satisfied. A place ability is often paired with another ability. The paired ability provides some benefit when or while the card is placed. A place ability is instantaneous. A place ability targets the cards that are to be placed. If a card is placed on another card, the underlying card is not targeted by the place ability.

Movement of Cards “Placed On” Other CardsEdit

If a card is placed on another card and the underlying card is relocated, the placed card is generally relocated to the same location that the underlying card is relocated and remains there. Exceptions to this rule are:

  • Lost Souls that are placed in sites are always returned to the general Land of Bondage and do not follow the underlying sites when the sites are relocated.
  • Any card placed on a Lost Soul is discarded if the Lost Soul is relocated outside its original Land of Bondage.

Default ConditionsEdit

  • Placed cards remain where they are placed indefinitely.
  • Placed cards are placed face up.
  • Targets must be in play.

Special ConditionsEdit

  • If multiple cards are placed in the same location by the same place ability, the player placing them chooses what order to place them.
  • If a placed card is relocated to a new location, it does not automatically return to where it was placed. It only returns to where it was originally placed if (1) it is independently placed there again, (2) the original effect that relocated it is negated, or (3) the ability that relocated it specifies it return there according to a condition..


  • An ongoing ability paired with a place ability has an implied condition of “while the placed card remains in the placed location.”
  • A colon (:) following a place ability is interpreted as: “while this card remains placed in its original location.”
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