A card is considered “played” if it meets these criteria:

  • You play an enhancement by attempting to activate its special ability (or numbers in battle)
  • You play a character or multicolor site by putting it in your territory or your side of the battle.
  • You play any other card type by putting it face up on the playing surface from hand, deck, or discard pile due to your special ability or game action, except when you discard a card from hand.

Note: Play can be a special ability, but is more broadly a game action. A special ability is only considered a play ability when it contains the word play, and is not referring to the Field of Play. Any other action or ability that results in a card being played is not a play ability, but is an example of a play game action. For example, "You may play an enhancement" is a play ability, while "You may band a Hero into battle from hand" is not a play ability, since it does not contain the word play, even though the character banded from hand is considered to have been played by the player who used the ability.

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