A poison ability adds a "poisoned" identifier to a card.

How to PlayEdit

A poison ability is always paired with a permanent ongoing ability. The ability that is paired with the poison ability is treated as the effect of the poison and targets the same card as the poison ability. All poison abilities are instantaneous. A poison ability targets the cards that are to be identified as poisoned.

Default ConditionsEdit

  • Targets must be “in play.”

Special ConditionsEdit

  • A card that is already poisoned can be targeted by another poison ability. The poison ability does not ultimately affect the card because it is already poisoned, but the ability paired with the poison ability does affect the card.


  • A disease ability functions exactly the same as a poison ability with the one exception that it adds a “diseased” identifier rather than a “poisoned” identifier.
  • Most disease abilities come before the ability with which they are paired. The phrase “treat as a disease” is a disease ability that comes after the ability with which it is paired.
  • “Until healed” indicates an implied poison (disease) ability.
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