A present ability is always paired with an ability that forces a character to leave battle (most often Withdraw or Return to Hand). Present abilities are most often on cards played by the opponent of the player who may use the present ability.

How to PlayEdit

If a card allows a player to present a character, that player may add a character to battle from hand or territory. All present abilities are instantaneous. A present ability targets the cards that are to be added to battle.

Default ConditionsEdit

  • Targets must be in a hand or territory
  • A player may only use a present ability if there are no characters on his side of the battle.

Special ConditionsEdit

  • If a card has an ability that forces characters to leave battle and a present ability, but not all characters on the targeted side of the battle leave batte, the present ability does nothing.


  • Phrases similar to "a new character may be placed in battle" that are paired with a Withdraw ability are Present abilities.
  • Cards that add characters to battle but do not contain an ability that forces previous characters to leave battle are not Present abilities.
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