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The Prophets Expansion is the second full expansion of booster packs in Redemption. This set was released in June of 1996.


The Prophets expansion contained a number of characters and Enhancements related to the books of prophecy in the Old Testament. Similar to the Limited Expansion and Unlimited Expansion, less than half the cards in this set had a special ability of any sort, and most of those were Rare. Abilities of particular interest included:

Printing and DistributionEdit

The Prophets Expansion is comprised of 106 cards: 31 Common, 45 Uncommon, and 30 Rare. A booster pack consists of 8 cards: 4 Common, 3 Uncommon, and 1 Rare.

Just over 5 million cards were printed in the Prophets Expansion, or 625,000 booster packs, or 14,000 display boxes.

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Good EnhancementsEdit

Evil CharactersEdit

Evil EnhancementsEdit

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