A search ability allows a player to view a deck, discard pile, or Artifact Pile to perform an action with a specific card or set of cards.

How to PlayEdit

A search ability targets the deck, discard pile, or Artifact pile viewed by the player who used the ability, as well as the card(s) that the player performs the action with. All search abilities are instantaneous. A search ability targets the set of cards that are to be searched.

Default ConditionsEdit

  • When a deck is searched, shuffle the deck after the search.

Special ConditionsEdit

  • If a search ability targets a specific type of card, reveal the targeted card before performing any other action with that card.
  • If a search ability is optional once you choose to view the cards you must select a target (if there is one) to perform the specified action.


  • If a search ability states what to search “for” but does not say what to do with that card, then the card should be taken into the player’s hand.
  • An ability that targets a card in a deck, discard pile, or Artifact Pile that is not a specific location in that pile, includes an implied search of the pile for the target.
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