A site access ability causes a Hero to have access to a site that it would not normally have.

How to PlayEdit

If an ability gives access to one or more sites, the defender selects which site will be accessed. However, a site holding a Lost Soul that the character cannot access may not be selected.

Site access abilities are dynamic in that particular sites that are accessible can change over the course of the battle. An“access to all sites” ability dynamically includes unoccupied sites that become occupied after the beginning of battle. An “access to any site” ability loses access to a site initially chosen when it ceases to hold a Lost Soul.

A site access ability is ongoing. Site access abilities target the Heroes that gain access.


  • Because site access abilities are dynamic and only one Lost Soul can be rescued in each battle, there is no functional difference between gaining access to “any” (one) site and gaining access to “all” (all) sites.
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