This is a specially formatted table to help sort split brigade cards by a single brigade. Each card is listed twice (or three times if it has three brigades), each time with the brigades flipped in the table.

To use this table, you can either view it alphabetically by default, or you can sort by Brigade 1. This will clump every card together by one of the brigades on the card.

Note: Split brigade cards are also listed in their respective brigade pages. For example, Aaron (Di) can be found in both the Teal Brigade and Green Brigade pages.

Card Name Brigade 1 Brigade 2 Brigade 3 Brigade 4
Aaron (Di) Green Teal
Aaron (Di) Teal Green
Abandonment (TEC) Black Gold (Evil)
Abandonment (TEC) Gold (Evil) Black
Abimelech (RA2) Black Brown
Abimelech (RA2) Brown Black
Antiochus IV Epiphanes (RA) Black Gray
Antiochus IV Epiphanes (RA) Gray Black
Arrest in Gethsemane (Di) Black Crimson
Arrest in Gethsemane (Di) Crimson Black
Astrologers (TP) Crimson Pale Green
Astrologers (TP) Pale Green Crimson
Balance (AW) Red Silver
Balance (AW) Silver Red
Barnabas (TEC) Clay Green
Barnabas (TEC) Green Clay
Benedictus (Di) Teal White
Benedictus (Di) White Teal
Burning Censer (FF) Red Silver
Burning Censer (FF) Silver Red
Capturing Canaan (RA) Gold (Good) Red
Capturing Canaan (RA) Red Gold (Good)
Chaldeans (P) Crimson Pale Green
Chaldeans (P) Pale Green Crimson
Confused (AW) Silver White
Confused (AW) White Silver
Cornelius (TEC) Clay Red
Cornelius (TEC) Red Clay
Counsel of Abigail (RA2) Purple Red
Counsel of Abigail (RA2) Red Purple
Covenant with Death (FF2) Brown Pale Green
Covenant with Death (FF2) Pale Green Brown
Created by Christ (AW) Blue Silver
Created by Christ (AW) Silver Blue
Damsel with Spirit of Divination (TP) Orange Pale Green
Damsel with Spirit of Divination (TP) Pale Green Orange
Daniel (P) Green White
Daniel (P) White Green
Day of Atonement (Pi) Blue Teal
Day of Atonement (Pi) Teal Blue
Defenestrated! (RA2) Purple Brown
Defenestrated! (RA2) Brown Purple
Demonic Blockade (RA) Brown Orange
Demonic Blockade (RA) Orange Brown
Disturbing Samuel’s Spirit (Di) Brown Pale Green
Disturbing Samuel’s Spirit (Di) Pale Green Brown
Doctrine Like Leaven (RA) Black Gray
Doctrine Like Leaven (RA) Gray Black
Drawn Sword (FF2) Green Crimson
Drawn Sword (FF2) Crimson Green
Ears to Hear (AW) Purple Silver
Ears to Hear (AW) Silver Purple
Egyptian Magicians (FF2) Gold (Evil) Pale Green
Egyptian Magicians (FF2) Pale Green Gold (Evil)
Eli’s Sound Advice (Di) Gold (Good) Teal
Eli’s Sound Advice (Di) Teal Gold (Good)
Expelling the Jews (FF) Gray Gold (Evil)
Expelling the Jews (FF) Gold (Evil) Gray
Ezekiel (FF2) Green Teal
Ezekiel (FF2) Teal Green
Faith as a Mustard Seed (Di) Gold (Good) Purple
Faith as a Mustard Seed (Di) Purple Gold (Good)
Faithful Priest (TEC) Clay Teal
Faithful Priest (TEC) Teal Clay
Faithful Servant (P) Green Purple White
Faithful Servant (P) White Green Purple
Faithful Servant (P) Purple White Green
Fall Like Lightning (Di) Gold (Good) Purple
Fall Like Lightning (Di) Purple Gold (Good)
Family Bond (J) Gold (Good) White
Family Bond (J) White Gold (Good)
Feast of Booths (Pi) Gold (Good) Teal
Feast of Booths (Pi) Teal Gold (Good)
Feast of Trumpets (Pi) Green Teal
Feast of Trumpets (Pi) Teal Green
First Fruits (Pi) Teal White
First Fruits (Pi) White Teal
Foreign Sword (RA2) Red Black
Foreign Sword (RA2) Black Red
Forest Fire (FF2) Green Crimson
Forest Fire (FF2) Crimson Green
Freeing Earthquake (AW) Blue Silver
Freeing Earthquake (AW) Silver Blue
Gabriel meets Zecharias (FF) Silver Teal
Gabriel meets Zecharias (FF) Teal Silver
Gamaliel’s Speech (TEC) Clay Gray
Gamaliel’s Speech (TEC) Gray Clay
Gentleness (TEC) Clay Red
Gentleness (TEC) Red Clay
Gloria in Excelsis Deo (Di) Silver White
Gloria in Excelsis Deo (Di) White Silver
Godspeed (AW) Gold (Good) Silver
Godspeed (AW) Silver Gold (Good)
Hellenistic Jews (TEC) Black Gray
Hellenistic Jews (TEC) Gray Black
Herod’s Sentries (TEC) Gold (Evil) Gray
Herod’s Sentries (TEC) Gray Gold (Evil)
Hypocrite’s Proselyte (J) Gray Orange
Hypocrite’s Proselyte (J) Orange Gray
In the Clouds (AW) Silver Purple
In the Clouds (AW) Purple Silver
Invoking Terror (FF2) Crimson Pale Green
Invoking Terror (FF2) Pale Green Crimson
Isaiah’s Call (FF2) Silver Green
Isaiah’s Call (FF2) Green Silver
Jeremiah (TP) Green Teal
Jeremiah (TP) Teal Green
Jezebel (RA2) Black Brown
Jezebel (RA2) Brown Black
Joseph (FF2) Blue Green
Joseph (FF2) Green Blue
Joy (TEC) Clay White
Joy (TEC) White Clay
Just a Hireling (RA) Black Gray
Just a Hireling (RA) Gray Black
Kindness (TEC) Clay Gold (Good)
Kindness (TEC) Gold (Good) Clay
King Abijam (RA3) Purple Brown
King Abijam (RA3) Brown Purple
Laban (P) Gray Pale Green
Laban (P) Pale Green Gray
Live Coal (FF2) Silver Green
Live Coal (FF2) Green Silver
Magicians’ Snakes (Di) Gold (Evil) Pale Green
Magicians’ Snakes (Di) Pale Green Gold (Evil)
Melchizedek (RA) Purple Teal
Melchizedek (RA) Teal Purple
Nunc Dimittis (Di) Green White
Nunc Dimittis (Di) White Green
Partners with Demons (TEC) Crimson Orange
Partners with Demons (TEC) Orange Crimson
Passover & Unleavened Bread (Pi) Red Teal
Passover & Unleavened Bread (Pi) Teal Red
Passover Hymn (Di) Purple White
Passover Hymn (Di) White Purple
Patience (TEC) Clay Green
Patience (TEC) Green Clay
Peace (TEC) Clay Blue
Peace (TEC) Blue Clay
Pentecost (Pi) Purple Teal
Pentecost (Pi) Teal Purple
Peter’s Curse (Di) Black Gray
Peter’s Curse (Di) Gray Black
Philetus (Di) Black Crimson
Philetus (Di) Crimson Black
Praise Him, Moon (AW) Silver White
Praise Him, Moon (AW) White Silver
Preaching at Pentecost (TEC) Clay Purple
Preaching at Pentecost (TEC) Purple Clay
Prince of Persia (Di) Brown Orange
Prince of Persia (Di) Orange Brown
Prisoner Transfer (RA) Gold (Evil) Gray
Prisoner Transfer (RA) Gray Gold (Evil)
Razor (FF2) Green Pale Green
Razor (FF2) Pale Green Green
Renewing the Covenant (FF) Green Teal
Renewing the Covenant (FF) Teal Green
Samuel (RA2) Gold (Good) Green
Samuel (RA2) Green Gold (Good)
Satan Enters Judas (Di) Orange Crimson
Satan Enters Judas (Di) Crimson Orange
Scattered (RA3) Brown Crimson Gray Pale Green
Scattered (RA3) Pale Green Brown Crimson Gray
Scattered (RA3) Gray Pale Green Brown Crimson
Scattered (RA3) Crimson Gray Pale Green Brown
Scribe (Di) Black Gray
Scribe (Di) Gray Black
Scroll of Isaiah (TEC) Clay Green
Scroll of Isaiah (TEC) Green Clay
Seek and Destroy (TEC) (Print 1) Black Brown
Seek and Destroy (TEC) (Print 1) Brown Black
Seeker of the Lost (P) Blue Gold (Good) Red
Seeker of the Lost (P) Red Blue Gold (Good)
Seeker of the Lost (P) Gold (Good) Red Blue
Seven Years of Famine (FF2) Blue Gold (Evil)
Seven Years of Famine (FF2) Gold (Evil) Blue
Seven Years of Plenty (FF2) Blue Gold (Evil)
Seven Years of Plenty (FF2) Gold (Evil) Blue
Siegeworks (FF2) Green Pale Green
Siegeworks (FF2) Pale Green Green
Simon the Magician (TEC) Crimson Pale Green
Simon the Magician (TEC) Pale Green Crimson
Simon the Zealot (Di) Purple Red
Simon the Zealot (Di) Red Purple
Soldier of God (P) Blue Gold (Good) Red
Soldier of God (P) Red Blue Gold (Good)
Soldier of God (P) Gold (Good) Red Blue
Spiritual Warfare (AW) Silver Green
Spiritual Warfare (AW) Green Silver
Stoning of Stephen (TEC) Black Gray
Stoning of Stephen (TEC) Gray Black
Table of Demons (TEC) Crimson Orange
Table of Demons (TEC) Orange Crimson
Temple Dedication (RA3) Purple Teal White
Temple Dedication (RA3) White Purple Teal
Temple Dedication (RA3) Teal White Purple
Tenants Kill the Son (Di) Black Gray
Tenants Kill the Son (Di) Gray Black
The Amalekites’ Slave (RA) Brown Gold (Evil)
The Amalekites’ Slave (RA) Gold (Evil) Brown
The Bear (RA) Brown Orange
The Bear (RA) Orange Brown
The False Prophet (TEC) Crimson Orange
The False Prophet (TEC) Orange Crimson
The Goat with Horn (Di) Black Orange
The Goat with Horn (Di) Orange Black
The Lord Fights for You (RA) Gold (Good) Red
The Lord Fights for You (RA) Red Gold (Good)
The Ram with Two Horns (Di) Brown Orange
The Ram with Two Horns (Di) Orange Brown
The Sanhedrin (TEC) Black Gray
The Sanhedrin (TEC) Gray Black
The Stars (AW) Gold (Good) Red
The Stars (AW) Red Gold (Good)
The Terrifying Beast (RA) Gray Orange
The Terrifying Beast (RA) Orange Gray
The Winged Leopard (RA) Black Orange
The Winged Leopard (RA) Orange Black
The Winged Lion (RA) Crimson Orange
The Winged Lion (RA) Orange Crimson
Trumpet and Sword (Di) Teal Red
Trumpet and Sword (Di) Red Teal
Walking on Water (I) Silver Purple
Walking on Water (I) Purple Silver
Wheel Within a Wheel (FF2) Silver Green
Wheel Within a Wheel (FF2) Green Silver
When Judges Governed (J) Gold (Good) White
When Judges Governed (J) White Gold (Good)
Wickedness Removed (RA) Silver Green
Wickedness Removed (RA) Green Silver
Working Together (AW) Silver Green
Working Together (AW) Green Silver
Zechariah (RA) Green Teal
Zechariah (RA) Teal Green
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