A take ability allows a player to gain control of an opponent's card. Included with take is relocating the cards taken along with the cards you control.

How to PlayEdit

A card that is targeted by a take ability is removed from its previous location and placed in the hand of the player who used the take ability. That player now controls the card that was taken.

A take ability is instantaneous. A take ability targets the cards that are to be taken.

Default ConditionsEdit

  • Targets must be in play.
  • Cards may only be taken from another player.
  • Control of cards taken transfers to the holder.

Special ConditionsEdit

  • A take ability that takes a card from your opponent's hand (and thus places it in your hand) takes precedence over the rule that cards in a hand are at face value (and thus controlled by their owner). That aspect of face value is suspended as long as that player maintains control of the card. All other aspects of face value remain intact.


  • An ability that requires an opponent to "give" a card to a different player is a take ability.
  • A similar ability can change the player that controls a card by relocating it to a location controlled by a different player, indirectly changing the controller of the card. Such abilities are not take abilities. Those abilities move first and then implicitly transfer control. The take ability takes control first and then implicitly moves the card.
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