A taunt ability allows a player to make a battle challenge with an Evil Character.

How to PlayEdit

If no opponent has a lost soul in his territory, you may make a "taunt battle challenge" with an evil character that has a taunt identifier. A Taunt battle challenge is begun by placing the evil character into battle and declaring an opponent. The opponent may accept the taunt battle challenge by placing a Hero into battle to fight the evil character. If the evil character wins the taunt battle challenge, activate the special ability in the parentheses after the taunt identifier.

Winning the Taunt Battle ChallengeEdit

Your Evil Character can win the Taunt Battle Challenge in one of four ways:

  1. Your opponent does not accept the Taunt Battle Challenge by placing a Hero in battle to oppose the Evil Character.
  2. All Heroes are removed from the Field of Battle by a special ability.
  3. The Evil Character wins by a defeat by numbers (i.e. the strength of all Evil Characters and Evil Enhancements in battle are greater than or equal to the toughness of all Heroes and good Enhancements in battle, and the toughness of all Evil Characters and Evil Enhancements is higher than the strength of all Heroes and good Enhancements in battle.
  4. The battle ends as a stalemate by numbers or special ability.

Default ConditionsEdit

  • A taunt battle challenge takes the place of your normal battle challenge or rescue attempt for the turn.
  • If you decline any kind of battle challenge, you lose the battle challenge
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