The following cards can be found in complete sets in various tins and starter sets.

A & B StartersEdit

A DeckEdit

B DeckEdit

C & D StartersEdit

C DeckEdit

D DeckEdit

E & F StartersEdit

E DeckEdit

F DeckEdit

G & H StartersEdit

G DeckEdit

H DeckEdit

Faith of our FathersEdit

Tin 1Edit

Tin 2Edit

Tin 3Edit

Tin 4Edit

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Tin 6Edit

Tin 7Edit

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Rock of AgesEdit

Tin 11Edit

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Tin 15Edit

Tin 16Edit

Tin 17Edit

Tin 18Edit

Tin 19Edit

Faith of Our Fathers 2Edit

Tin 20Edit

Tin 21Edit

Tin 22Edit

Rock of Ages 2Edit

Tin 23Edit

Tin 24Edit

Tin 25Edit

I & J StartersEdit

I DeckEdit

J DeckEdit

Rock of Ages 3Edit

Tin 26Edit

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