A use other enhancements ability allows a character to use enhancements that do not match the character's brigade.

How to PlayEdit

The targeted character gains the effect that enhancements played on it can satisfy the specified requirement instead of the normal requirement that enhancements must match the character's brigade. A use other enhancements ability does not replace the requirement to match the character's brigade but adds to it, so enhancements that do match the character's brigade can still be played on the character even if they do not satisfy the new requirement.

All use other enhancements abilities are ongoing. A use other enhancements ability targets the character that gains the effect of the use other enhancements ability.

Default ConditionsEdit

  • Use other enhancements abilities last until the end of the phase in which they are used.
  • Enhancements with use other enhancements abilities target the character on which they are played and characters with use other enhancements abilities target themselves.

Special ConditionsEdit

  • Any time the matching brigade requirement applies, the specified requirement can be satisfied instead, even in situations where enhancements are played outside of battle.


  • The phrase “regardless of brigade” indicates an use other enhancements ability.
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