The Women of the Bible Expansion is the third full expansion of booster packs in Redemption. This set was released in July of 1997. It has since sold out.


The Women of the Bible expansion was strongly themed toward female characters of note in the Bible. All of the characters in the expansion are female. This expansion also marked the first appearance of Sites in Redemption. Also, noting the increasing importance of special abilities in strategy and gameplay, some 80% of the cards have abilities, including nearly 90% of all non-Site cards.

Printing and DistributionEdit

The Women Expansion is comprised of 81 cards of equal rarity. A booster pack consists of 8 cards.

Approximately 1.5 million cards were printed in the Women of the Bible Expansion, or 188,000 booster packs, or 4,200 display boxes.

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Evil EnhancementsEdit

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